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Whilst making the dinner last night, and thinking about how my day had gone and planning the next day, I listened to an interesting radio show about “time” and how we think about and react to it. It made me think about the fact that I often feel that I never have enough time in the day to do all the “stuff” I want to do; but then why do I restrict myself and measure myself in units of 24? If I happen to achieve goal number 5 on my “to do list” in the 48th hour is this any less of an achievement than it might have been if I had achieved it in the 24th hour? But because of how I measure I have created a sense of disappointment, detracting from the fact that I achieved a goal? Our use of time creates tension, so then I turned to “time-management” and what does this actually mean. We cannot manage “time”, one minute is always going to be one minute – it can’t be managed upwards or downwards! So what is it that we are measuring? We manage ourselves and measure ourselves against time? “Time” for some thought and perspective …..
PS my thanks to a client who today reminded me that my blog was overdue some “time”.


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